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About Us

Our History

Bathurst Family Support Service has been providing support and services for children and families in Bathurst and Oberon since 1980. Since that time we have been funded by the NSW government under different programmes and evolved into the service that we are today.

Bathurst Family Support Service is a locally run and managed organisation that has the advantage of being a part of the community that we service for 40 years. Families have been able to rely on our availability and consistency in service delivery. As a well-established service, BFSS understands the community in which we work.


Bathurst Family Support Service Inc. is an Incorporated Association under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act. Members of the Association constitute the Management Committee that governs the organisation.

The Management Committee is responsible for the monitoring, control and legal compliance of the organisation, as well as the vision, direction-setting and provision of leadership. The Management Committee’s responsibilities include contract compliance, financial compliance, policy, strategic planning and direction. The Management Committee is elected at each Annual General Meeting.

The Management Committee delegates day to day responsibilities to the service Manager, who is accountable to the Committee.

Members of BFSS Management Committee

Kathleen Jones – Chairperson

Annette Meyers – Vice Chairperson

Cheryl Keogh – Treasurer

Amy Halpin – Secretary

Terisa Ashworth – Committee Member

Karen Edwards – Committee Member

Shona Kennedy - Committe Member

Meet The Team


Annarelle Channing

Service Manager


Rachael Norton

Child and Family Specialist 


female icon.jpg

Aprille Griffin

Child and Family Caseworker

Alice Kelly

Child and Family  Specialist Caseworker

Bathurst Family Support Service employs people with skills that are informed by industry qualifications and current professional development. 

Claire O'Brien.jpg

Claire O'Brien

Child and Family Specialist 


Kristy Wallace .jpg

Kristy Wallace

Child and Family Caseworker

Our Team
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